After not sleeping for 24 hours, two plane rides, and a bus I finally arrived at the hotel where pageant week started. First off, I love every one of the pageant girls, I only met some my first day but I just keep meeting more and more and I just love them all.

The first night at the hotel we got to dress up in a cute cocktail dress and have our sponsors party, it was a good way to meet the girls. When we first walked in, I guess I was more shocked at the fact of how many people were in the room with me. After doing the MTNL pageant, we only had 11 girls but they were all family by the end of the weekend, with MTC I walked in to be greeted by 58 other girls. I’m sure my family will expand again by the end of this weekend but it was a little overwhelming but I was excited to jump right in!!

After we were all settled around 5:30pm we had a couple speeches from Rob, Michelle and get got to meet the INCREDIBLE reigning Miss Teenage Canada, Samantha Pierre. She is an absolute doll and made us all feel so welcomed, just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. We then got welcomed to travel around the room and visit the different tables set up. Just as soon as we grabbed our sash with our home province on it because that would now be a part of us for the week to come, we cannot go anywhere without it.

We got another little introduction from Judy, a music teacher at the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga. She had a wireless karaoke microphone where she invited all of us to come up and perform using one of the musical instruments, take a video and post it on Instagram with the #MTCSongSoloChallange. So many girls preformed throughout the night, I had no idea there was so much talent in the room with me!!! The girl with the most likes on her video would win the microphone!!

Of course, the first thing I went too was Nine West because they had shoes, and I’m definitely a shoe person. Nine West is one of our incredible sponsors that supplied us with our shoes for the pageant; they are beautiful strappy black heels that we were all drooling over. I’m so excited to wear them and bring them home!!!! We didn’t get to take them Monday night but later that week we would receive them. I was so impressed with all the small to medium businesses Miss Teenage Canada is sponsored by!! We took some amazing pictures with the shoes; one is featured to the left.

Next, I moved on to the jewelry. Up to the Time Watches had a table set up which had a bag for every delegate with a necklace inside, mine is so beautiful!! Also, a case with watches inside from their collection which we could try on and post on social media for the chance to win one!!! Mine was a beautiful gold face with a blue band, such a gorgeous watch for everyday or more formal.

The famous Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer is a local business woman who inspires woman in the sciences. She had a table set up that was run by Rob where he gave us toothbrushes and toothpaste, such a good idea!!! She has been one of the sponsors for many years.

Suber Adorbs was next!!!! This is an incredible company with all types of accessories for any type of occasion, they had a table full of different headbands, hair clips, purse tags, everything! But of course everything was different so we all got some unique assessor to walk away with! We also had a social media challenge which invited us to post pictures of us wearing the assesories and the delegate with the best social media coverage would get a $70 gift card to spend at Super Adorbs!!

Also, as one of our blog posts we got the chance to blog about fashion in our town and explore the different types of fashion. It was a great experience for me to get me out of my comfort zone and do something I never thought of doing before! The link to my post is posted below!!!


Lilly Liao from Street Chic Fashion magazine was there to speak to us a little about the posts. She gave us a pair of earrings and mine were a silver gorgeous pair of simple studs that I can’t wait to wear!! Her magazine is amazing it is really a capture of the teenage era of these times, it is written for the people by the people. Any advice I would give Lilly would be to try and expand her magazine a little more to the smaller town, rich history places because then the rich history can come out in the clothes to speak for the writer.

Hashtagio social media aggregator was available for us to hashtag MTC2017 to keep all of our posts together and to be collectively displayed. Pictures have been continuously posted on this hatshtag and it is great to see all the pictures of the girls and myself on our day to day adventures!!!! This has been sponsored by Standard Telecom and all week we’ve been posting on instagram, facebook, twitter, any social media we can!!!

Overall the night was so incredible, I met so many girls and took so so SO many pictures. It will forever be a night to remember. From the pictures, to performances, to cake, there wasnothing I didn’t enjoy!!!

Love Jess xoxo

Written by: Jessica

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