Hey guys!!! WHAT IS A BUSY SCHEDULE??? I can tell you its being Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador, working a part time job, playing softball and competing in Miss Teenage Canada! There is no down time because there is always something to be done. I’m currently in the jeep with my mom driving to Grand-Falls Winsor for Salmon Festive Family Day and writing this in Microsoft Word to post on my blog whenever I get Wi-Fi! Busy doesn’t even cover my schedule but it is still the best experience of my life!

I love being Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador, let’s just start there. I work at Kippens Rec which is a kid’s summer program during the week and getting to tell those little girls that I get to be a princess sometimes is definitely the highlight of my day to see their faces light up in disbelief. I also extremely love my job. I love kids; I love a lot of things. But yes my mom and I are driving three and a half hours to go to an event to walk around, talk to people, take some pictures and then jump back into the jeep to drive another three and a half hours home just so I can be at work for 8:30am tomorrow morning. We may be there for an hour or so but the people we will meet and the children who stare at my crown in absolute awe will make the entire trip worth it.

I finally finished grade 12, how crazy is that? I wrote four publics and another exam and I think I’m still recovering. There wasn’t much time to be lazy because the same day I finished school I was on the boat that night crossing to PEI for a trip with my most amazing friend and her family. This is the second family trip I went with them so she told me I’m basically adopted. Two days home and then another eight hour drive to St. Johns for Canada 150!!!! This was the most incredible day, I was up at 4:00am to get ready, and we were on signal hill for 5:30am for the sunrise ceremony then a little nap and back out to more events! The atmosphere from 5:30am to 4:00pm never changed, every person I could see the pride on their face for being Canadian.

So, FUNDRASING!!!! I just finished a lotto 649 fundraiser where I sold blocks for $20, the winner receives $500 and I get $480 to donate to an amazing charity! This year the charity is “Free the Children”. The fundraiser went absolutely amazing, all the blocks sold in TWO DAYS. I can never thank those of you who have continuously supported me through this journey, you guys are the reason I can do this and make me proud to represent Newfoundland and Labrador on a national stage.

New fundraiser coming up!!!! I decided that, like last year for my provincial pageant Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador, I would really put a piece of me into my fundraising and do a painting which I can sell tickets on and all the money raised can be donated. Last year we were fundraising for the Lupus NL association so I painted an abstract colorful lion to represent all the courage of the fighters, survivors, and families associated with this disease.  This year, where I am going to a national pageant, I wanted to include my roots into this painting, so I decided to paint a Newfoundland scene. After looking for ideas, I realized some of the best views of Newfoundland were captured by a local photographer in my area named Gerard Gale. After contacting him for his permission I started on one of my favorite photographs that he has taken and went to work. It is almost done so I won’t be giving any sneak peeks yet but keep your eyes open for when tickets will be available!!! One for $2 or three for $5!!!!

Also, I will be posting an official thank you for all my sponsors but as I just received four this morning I want to genuinely thank First Choice Vision Centre, Ben’s Pharmacy, Kip Kaus, and the Co-operators Stephenville branch. Every single thing helps on this journey to Miss Teenage Canada; I could cry I’m so thankful!!!

You are all so amazing and thank you for the support and being the reason I am proud to represent Newfoundland and Labrador.

Love Jess xoxo


Written by: Jessica
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Hey guys, I’m so beyond excited to say this is my first step to start off my journey of Miss Teenage Canada! I know for a fact it will be a roller coaster ride so strap in and get ready because I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet but that is okay. Right?

The journey of Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador has been one I will never forget, it will always be an experience that changed the way I look at the world. From pageant weekend with the most incredible ten girls, to the Ronald McDonald Tree Lighting Ceremony, to being asked to take a picture with my crown from the sweetest looking little girls and boys. I’ve done more in this past year that would even fit in this blog post, but the fancy dresses and the gala’s are not why I treasure this experience. It is the people I get to meet, you will never meet more down to earth, kind souls than those in Newfoundland and Labrador, these people make me proud to put a sash on my right shoulder to represent them. Even though the dresses and the photo shoots are pretty amazing working with Sara Rostotski, who is an absolute doll, was an incredible experience. I’m still not over this picture!

No, I haven’t always been a pageant girl but I appreciate that this title has given me the opportunity to reach out and make a difference with as many people as possible, because you never know what someone else is going through. It was the hardships I’ve experienced in my life that pushed me to find the best opportunities to help people, which has inspired me to take the career path of pediatric medicine. I realize this will be a challenging career path with hard work and financial challenges, which is why I am so fortunate to have received the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award this year.

Onto the mushy stuff, but if you want to know me you have to understand where I came from. I lost my dad in a tragic accident when I was four years old, at the time it was hard for me to understand but as I grew up there was always this little green monster of jealousy who watched my friends play basketball with their dads and I missed out on those experiences everyone else had. I never really missed those opportunities because my mom or poppy was always there to fill those gaps, they never let me fall.

Which is why when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer my world was flipped upside down, inside out, every way it could possibly turn. She is the light of my life and the strongest woman I know to this day, I aspire to be even half the woman she is. Being so young most kids wouldn’t understand, but after losing my father, the possibility of losing her too was only too real.

Next, we underwent another life altering event when my sister battled with an opioid addiction for the past four years. Actually, battles, because this is a life long struggle that comes with a new obstacle every day. Even though at some points I found it difficult to be around the sister I love because of her behavior while she was addicted, I will never be more proud of someone than her for choosing to fight her condition, obtain sobriety and speak out about her experience.  It is not easy living in the same house as your sibling while they’re experiencing addiction as it will make them do things you never even knew was possible. It is real, it is harsh, and it is something people need to understand before they make assumptions.

Why am I giving you my life story? Because you need to understand what a person goes through before you understand their ambitions. I went through most of this before I started high school, as a kid you run away and try to hide but that just makes everything worse. It took me so long to realize that figure skating, the sport I love the most, was the best way to deal with stress and anger. I realized that volunteering in my local Can-skate program was a way to give these kids the skills necessary to be a figure skater, or hockey player, and they now had the ability to cope with stress in a healthy way. It was my way to give back, to stop another to feel what I had felt. I realized my friends do care about me and they don’t want me to put on a smile just so they wouldn’t have to deal with my problems. I have been more than fortunate to experience this support from the people that love me.

So I- I was going to say “stand before you” but I’m currently sitting behind my laptop, so I sit before you to tell you that you are never alone. I am the kind of person that will listen to you talk until my ear falls off, I will give you my heart until yours isn’t broken anymore, and I will always make sure you are okay. I strive for greatness, I will not take no as an answer, and you will never tell me I can’t do something. Why? Because that is how my experiences have shaped me. I could have took the pain and ran, but the thought doesn’t even make sense to me. To run? No, you fight for yourself, for your mother and father, sister and brother, your best friend, everyone you love.

With lots of love,


Miss Teenage East Coast xoxoxo


Written by: Jessica
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